Chef Matt Murphy Irish House New Orleans

Chef Matt Murphy

Executive Chef Matt Murphy is a pioneer in a new breed of culinary artists who expand their prowess far outside the bounds of the kitchen.  His passion for his craft, his commitment to the Gulf Coast community, a head for innovative business, and of course, that rogue-Irishman approach to cooking, are just a few unique facets that shape the character of this respected, dynamic man.

In August 2011, Chef Matt Murphy fulfilled his dream of opening his own Irish pub and restaurant, The Irish House.  The Irish House is a culmination of all of his training and experience, and gives him an opportunity to showcase his unique culinary perspective. Today, the most important thing to this bona-fide family man and unofficial ambassador of New Orleans, is to live, laugh, cook and always give back.

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Hear Chef chatting with Tom Fitzmorris, March 2015


Catch Chef at the beginning, then go to 2:22.


go to :40.