High Praise & Kudos

"Had dinner there last night and it was amazing! My friend had the excellent Shepherd's Pie, but I had the best lamb I have ever tasted in my entire life. I fell in love with the Connemara Hash, and will be back to buy six portions as my entire meal. I was up until early this morning trying to find some fascimile of a recipe/ingredients list, Chef Murphy should package and sell that at Rouse's ! Wait staff was courteous and attentive, physical environment great and bustling like a traditional European pub. I asked for something like an Irish equivalent of a shandy/radler, being a work-night, and the waiter recommended a combination of Harp and a pear-flavored soda. Never heard of pear-flavored soda in NOLA, and that was one of the most refreshing drinks I've ever enjoyed, and would love to know the name of the soda if it's available here or in the US. Lamb has never been a good product in Louisiana, but working/living overseas for many years I came to love it, especially for Easter dinners, but Chef Murphy has scored a gold medal in my culinary heart for such an excellent dish. We will return, and i've already recommended the Irish House to several coworkers (none of whom are Irish, they have to be educated). My grandfather was from Dublin as well, and my mother's side of the fmaily would have really enjoyed this restaurant. ps: sampled the next table's fish and chips, and it brought me back to the good street food of my travels to England, another excellent dish that the April Toole's participants seemed to be enjoying en masse." -C. Pursell

five stars!

"Best service ever. Quick, friendly, efficient' and fun. Guinness poured perfectly and tasted perfect. Had the Shepard's Pie and it was wonderful. Wasn't dry as another poster mentioned. Went the day after St. Patrick's Day at mid-day and the place was busy, but not crowded. Was able to get a bar seat and was quickly greeted with a menu and a beer reccommendation. You will love this place."